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New Party Pills in town! Anti-crisis solution heheh…

May 19th, 2009

Hey, I found a bunch of cool new Party Pills called Super Caps ! What makes em different? I like that economic packaging. Each bottle contains 90 strong party pills (your dose should be 1-3 pills depending on your health, weight and other physical parameters :)) , so this is very economic, not like stupid blisters with 5-10 pills or such…

HyperDrive Party Pill

HyperDrive Party Pill

So Far I tried their HyperDrive only and it rocks! Really maximum strength, no bulls! I will not review their “SlowDown” relaxants because I don’t like being sloooooow…. but i believe it should be working fine too!

So just to conclude…

These party pills work… and they are economic - thats why I mentioned “anti-crisis” solution… not only because they will take you high, but also because you will save money if you buy them in these big bottles 90 pills each… That must be a reason why they call them “Super Caps“… Thats all folks for today, cya!