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HiPPiE HERB - a New Heaven for all smokers!

October 7th, 2011

Hippie Herb Hi again!   Me and my friends were a little bit upset after problems with rasta weed and colombian gold availability have began (due to new laws in NZ), but these guys have released a brand new product which works even better than the old ones and the best news is that it’s 100% legal and can be shipped to anywhere!

Next day after receiving a first bag of this new Hippie Herb we ordered more, because this product is really outstanding! It’s not like Rasta weed or other smokes, it’s different, but it’s even better, at least for my taste. Hippie Herb smoke creates strong euphoric feeling hard to explain!

So this is real nice that this product is available now and that we can order more of it while suppliest last.  So if you are adult and if you smoke, be sure to order your Hippie Herb as soon as possible!